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CEDARS Peer Connect and High Table


CEDARS Peer Connect and High Table, a flagship programme for first-year undergraduate students entering HKU, puts new students from different faculties and countries of origin into small groups.  It comprises of 4 non-academic induction activities, namely Goal Setting Exercise, Inspirational Activities, IG Challenge on Adjusting to HKU Life, and High Table. 


Upon completion of CEDARS Peer Connect and High Table, you can redeem your own Green Gown, one of the most wanted HKU collectables that is available nowhere else!

CEDARS Peer Connect and High Table

Activity Schedule

Part I: Goal Setting Exercise

Goal Setting Exercise

New students may be uncertain of your personal development and academic goals during your undergraduate years at HKU and do not have much experience in developing action plans to meet ones. 


In this Goal Setting Exercise, you will formulate realistic academic and personal goals and explore the ideal of a university in small groups under the guidance of Student Induction Instructors (SIIs) and teachers so that you can attain a sense of achievement at the end of the first year.

  • It is a compulsory part of CEDARS Peer Connect and High Table for green gown redemption. 

Session: 28 August 2022 (Sunday): 11:30 am – 3:00 pm  (Lunch break is included.  Registration starts at 11:00 am.) 

Part II: Inspirational Activities

Inspirational Activities

Want to get inspired on reaping the rich learning opportunities offered in HKU and orientate to ways of learning and doing that are conducive to the development of the attributes of HKU students as set out in the six educational aims of HKU?  Wanna adopt a lifestyle in University that is conducive to psychological and personal wellness?  In the inspirational activities, you will engage in thought provoking dialogue with exemplary peers and young alumni under one of these themes: Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Advocacy, Arts and Humanities, Sustainability, Social Inclusion and Diversity, and Well-being.

  • It is a compulsory part of CEDARS Peer Connect and High Table for green gown redemption.

Sessions: 28 August 2022 (Sunday): 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Part III: IG Challenge on Adjusting to HKU Life

IG Challenge on Adjusting to HKU Life

Your new journey at HKU is full of excitements, but also fraught with uncertainties and challenges. It is common for new students to experience adjustment issues and the induction period is the best time for you to start thinking about how to prioritise your commitments, enhance your self-confidence and build your social network at HKU.


Participate in this 3-day challenge on CEDARS Instagram account (@hku.cedars) and get quick tips on university adjustment.

  • It is a compulsory part of CEDARS Peer Connect and High Table for green gown redemption.

  • The IG Challenge is also open for all students. No registration is required.

Sessions: 29 - 31 August 2022

Part IV: High Table 

High Table

The High Table is the pinnacle and concluding event of CEDARS Peer Connect and High Table to induce a sense of pride and identity with the University.  High Table is a proud tradition of HKU at which faculty members, guests and students in gowns sit at long refectory tables and dine together in a formal setting.  Guest of Honour will offer wise food for thought on the ideal of a university.  It is designed to promote intellectual exchange among the participants.

  • Upon completion of Part I, II and III, participants are guaranteed a place for the High Table. 

  • Organising the High Table, and providing food and beverages during the event will be subject to the COVID-19 pandemic development and prevailing government / university infection control guidelines.

  • It is a compulsory part of CEDARS Peer Connect and High Table for green gown redemption.

Schedule: October or November 2022 (To be announced)


Full-time and full degree undergraduates (both local and non-local students) are eligible.  Priority will be given to first year students.  If quota allows, other students are also welcome. 

Medium of Language 


Programme Fee 


Important Notes: 

  • Participants will be entitled to redeem a University green gown upon completion of all activities (i.e. Part I, II, III and IV) of CEDARS Peer Connect and High Table, and submission of an online learning experience questionnaire.  Participants are expected to settle the programme fee upon green gown redemption by cash at the High Table event.  Eligible students will receive emails on redemption details in due course.

  • CEDARS will send emails and important messages to successful registrants from time to time prior to the dates of the activities. You are reminded to check both “Inbox” and “Junk” mail boxes in order not to miss important messages and announcements from CEDARS.

  • CEDARS Peer Connect and High Table is subject to change if unexpected situations and circumstances arise. Please stay tuned to CEDARS’ emails, announcements and updates on programme website ( and HKU FYE’s Facebook page (


We are sorry that registration is now closed as we have reached full capacity for the Programme. Confirmed participants will receive emails from CEDARS accordingly.

Full Commitment Required
CEDARS Peer Connect and High Table is best described as a ‘hands-on, minds-on experience’. Through an interactive and collaborative process, participants will acquire a holistic learning experience. Most segments of the Programme will build on the activities before and after. Not doing so will create challenges not only to yourself but other participants. If you are unable to commit fully, you are advised to join other CEDARS induction activities which require less commitment. 

Special Needs 
CEDARS will try to make the best and most feasible arrangement to cater for participants with special needs.  If you have any special needs or conditions, please indicate on the registration form to facilitate our arrangement.


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