Experiential learning, Internships and Outside Classroom Learning Experience

CEDARS co-curricular programmes

Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) provides non-credit bearing and out-of-classroom classroom learning opportunities to achieve, amongst others, the HKU educational aims of fostering students’ ability in intercultural understanding, enhancing your awareness and commitment to global citizenship, and preparing you to be leaders and advocates for improvement of the human condition. 

Main themes of these programmes include: 

  • Intercultural, social and career competency 

  • Arts, culture and general education 

  • Mental health and psychological wellbeing 

  • Leadership and life skill in novel situations 

  • Community and service learning 

Highlighted Co-curricular Programmes under Intercultural, Social and Career Competency 

  • Weeks of Welcome (cedars.hku.hk/wow) 

  • Careers Fairs (cedars.hku.hk/careers

  • Programme for social communication enhancement, such as Peer English Tutoring and  Survival Cantonese (cedars.hku.hk/cope

  • Multi-cultural programmes, such as Happy Thursday – Tea from Around the World and Global Kitchen (cedars.hku.hk/ge/programme


Highlighted Co-curricular Programmes under Arts, Culture and General Education 

  • F:A:C:E: (Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences) (cedars.hku.hk/ge/face) 

  • Edible Spaces programmes at the Organic Farm and Herb Garden (www.ediblespaces.hku.hk

  • GEST (GE Student Team) (cedars.hku.hk/ge/gest) 

  • Trail Walker @ HKU 

  • Music Salon  

  • Global News Chat (cedars.hku.hk/ge)


Highlighted Co-curricular Programmes under Mental Health and Psychological Wellbeing 

  • Special Educational Needs Peer Impact Network (cedars.hku.hk/cope/sen-support/sen-pin) 

  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training (cedars.hku.hk/cope/peer/mhfa) 


Highlighted Co-curricular Programmes under Leadership and Life Skill in Novel Situations 


Highlighted Co-curricular Programmes under Community and Service Learning 

Programme details are available at 

Website:  cedars.hku.hk/co-curriculum  
Facebook page: facebook.com/hkucedars  
Instagram: instagram.com/hkucedars  
YouTube Channel: youtube.com/hkucedars-official 

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