First Year Student Surveys

Questionnaires on Profile of New Full Time Undergraduate Students

The purpose of the survey is to collect information about new students which has been proven to be very useful to the University in the planning and development of facilities and services for students generally. All information obtained will be analysed in aggregate form.  No personally identifiable information about individual students will be disclosed.

Please complete the survey online at

Psychosocial Well-being Survey

This is a brief survey aiming to understand the psychosocial profile of new students and register your interests in person enrichment. Information obtained will be analysed in aggregate form.  You can choose to leave your contact to CEDARS to receive further advice or counselling service information. 

Please complete the survey online at within 2 weeks following registration.

Student Wellness Self-Assessment

Do you know being physically active has many physical and mental health benefits such as increased strength and energy, and improved mental health? This is an online self-assessment, jointly developed by the Centre For Sports and Exercise (CSE), University Health Service (UHS) and the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS). Students at higher health risks will be identified and referred to corresponding professionals. Take the "Student Wellness Self-Assessment" to entitle to FREE health and fitness testing or group exercise classes! 

Please complete the survey online at