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HKU Traditions

High Table

High Table is a proud tradition of HKU at which faculty members, guests and students in gowns sit at long refectory tables and dine together in a formal setting.  It is designed to promote intellectual exchange among participants.  The highlight of the High Table is an inspiring speech given by the Guest of Honour.

Green Gown


Green Gown is the official attire formerly worn by all undergraduates for formal occasions including High Tables and examinations.  At the Inauguration Ceremony which is the first formal university gathering for new students, new students will meet the President and Vice-Chancellor, senior academics, alumni bodies and the President of HKUSU.  The President will give an inaugural address and host the Robing Ceremony during which freshmen will put on the HKU traditional Green Gown. 

Super Pass

Super Pass is a traditional event at HKU to wish students the best of luck in their examinations.  Super Pass activities include enjoying Super Pass dinners, writing Chinese couplets (Fai-Chun in Cantonese), chopping a roasted pig and getting Super Pass apples.  Students will write good wishes on Chinese couplets and post them on the doors.  Chopping a roasted pig is considered a sign of good fortune in Hong Kong, meaning everything will go smooth.  Apple is pronounced as “Ping Gwo” in Cantonese.  It reasonates with a HKU jargon called “勁過”, a saying that is used to wish students to pass their examinations with flying colours.  

Photo credit: Independent Clubs Association, HKUSU

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