Internships and Other Learning Opportunities

HKU promotes a total learning experience approach which combines inside and outside classroom learning. Various units in HKU such as the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS), the Centre for Sports and Exercise (CSE), etc. provide non-credit bearing, outside classroom learning opportunities to enable you to achieve the HKU educational aims, such as fostering your abilities in intercultural understanding, enhancing your awareness and commitment to global citizenship, and preparing you to be leaders and advocates for improvement of the human condition.

Here are some of the diverse learning opportunities at HKU.


Learning Opportunities

CEDARS-Campus Life Section 

Student financial management and investment workshops, training for student leaders and volunteer work opportunities

CEDARS-Careers and Placement Section

Career advising and career coaching, co-curricular programmes, entrepreneurial support, industry talks, self-assessment and learning tools, training workshops, internships and work placements, career-focused intercultural leadership programmes

CEDARS-Counselling and Person Enrichment Section

Person Enrichment (PE) workshops (Cross-cultural Speed Dating, Master Your Worries, How to Stop Procrastination and handicraft workshops, etc.), Peer Language Tutoring, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) courses, trainings and service opportunities to students in supporting students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

CEDARS-General Education Team

Non-credit bearing co-curricular programmes for all students in whole-person education/arts & culture/creative & interactive/green & mindful learning activities

CEDARS and Faith & Global Engagement

Lead for Life (L4L), the HKU Character Leadership Programme

Centre for Applied English Studies

One-to one language support services and summer programmes

Centre for Sports and Exercise

Sports, health and fitness programmes

Chinese Language Centre

Putonghua and Cantonese courses, Chinese language and cultural courses

Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre (GHELC)

Experiential Learning Fund, generic workshops on issues such as cultural adjustment, work ethics and interactional skills

HKU Mentorship

Mentees have the chance to look beyond the classroom and learn from HKU Mentors who are professionals and experts from different walks of life

HKU Summer Institute

Summer programmes

Horizons Office

Experiential learning programmes beyond Hong Kong and financial support to students

International Affairs Office

Exchange programmes, Worldwide Plus Visiting Programmes, Short-term Abroad Partnerships, Short-term Abroad Opportunities, and Globalink Research Internship

Mainland Affairs Office

China Vision programmes and joint degree programmes with renowned universities in Mainland China

School of Modern Languages and Cultures

European and Asian language courses

University Health Service

Health education

University Libraries

Library courses to enhance your information literacy skills