Student Life

Tips on Adjustment

You are about to begin your university education at HKU. This transition involves some stress, but it provides opportunities for personal growth.

Treasure any new experience as a learning opportunity and appreciate differences to enrich your university life. 

Tips on Enjoying University Life

  1. Make use of your freedom and autonomy wisely: explore and experiment with caution and self-discipline.

  2. Improve yourself: set realistic goals at the beginning of each semester and monitor your progress regularly.

  3. Manage your time efficiently: use a daily planner to prioritise and schedule your tasks.

  4. Learn actively: participate in class and dialogue with professors, discuss with peers, read and reflect.

  5. Broaden your perspective: learn about local and world issues by reading news and participating in discussions and campaigns.

  6. Maintain good health: exercise and relax daily, eat properly and get enough sleep.

  7. Expand your social support network: make friends from all backgrounds, join student societies, participate in social activities and keep in touch with friends and family.

  8. Check how well adjusted you are to university life regularly through taking assessments at Psychometer and contact CEDARS-Counselling and Person Enrichment Section (Tel: 3917 8388) when any need arises.

  9. Visit for upcoming activities specially designed for first-year students.

  10. Bookmark for student resources, career planning, adjustment advice, information on service opportunities, educational funds and programmes, leaders' resources, general education and other co-curricular programmes.

Student Groups and Networks

Hong Kong University Students' Union (HKUSU)

The HKUSU, the largest student body established on-campus since 1912, is a non-profit organisation and the only official student body serving more than 16,000 students of HKU.

Student bodies of HKUSU include campus media and around 130 affiliated student organisations, each with distinctive objectives and functions that cater to the diverse interest of the student population. These students bodies are categorised into five main groups: Faculty and Academic Societies, Hall Students’ Associations, Sports Clubs, Cultural Clubs and Independent Clubs.

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Postgraduate Student Association (PGSA)

The PGSA has been serving postgraduate students and alumni. Postgraduate students can make new friends under the welcoming atmosphere from the beginning of the postgraduate journey.

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A list of student associations, clubs and societies is available at


iMAP is an online social networking platform for the HKU community exclusively. Members can search for private accommodation nearby, look for flatmates and other fellow students by interest, talent, nationality, current location and overseas experience etc. They can also stay in touch with the rest of the HKU community and share their travel experience while abroad.


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